Tips för Vincennes idag


Race 1
N8 Asis Bot Eur Moel: He finished 1st in his last 3 races in monté. Last time was an easy victory at Bordeaux and with shoes. Without shoes, he will be really dangerous for others contestants, especially since he has already trotted 1\’14\’7 on 2700m.
Prognostics: N8, N4, N5

Race 2
N14 Chelsea boko: we can forget his last start, he was a little bit too nervous and galloped when he touched the wings of autostart. Even if he has a bad number in the second line, he will start in the back of N5 Beckman (good horse). His last 400m are fast and he will finish on the podium
Prognostics: N14, N3, N11, N5

Race 3
N7 Belle Bauloise: this filly has a good potential. her last victory on 2175m was acquired with authority. Unfortunately, her driver sometimes makes the bad choice in the race. But with a good race, she should be in the big 3
Prognostics: N7, N11, N8, N9

Race 4
Lot of possibilities in this good european race.
N4 Prince di Poggio: This son of Varenne has good performances at Vincennes this winter. He just changed coach and will be without shoes for the first time in France. His driver Eric Raffin is often offensive, so it\’s perfect for this kind of horse. We\’ll see it in front the group or next to the leader during a long time…
Prognostics: N4, N8, N10, N5

Race 5
N8 Albanien: He will be without shoes for the first time, and it will be easier to cross the hill like that. The driver is Nivard. So, he has several advantages.
Prognostics: N8, N10, N3, N16

Race 6
N7 Unsert dairpet: 1\’12\’9 on this course the 3rd January 2015, he should still prove daunting because there will be 2 good horses who should do the train, N2 Ulysse d\’epinai and N8 Volcan d\’occagnes. Even if he can gallop like in the last 2 races, he will run well.
Prognostics: N7, N2, N9, N8

Race 7
Hard race to do prognostics. Lot of them can win, all will depend the position in the race.
N5 Sagi Allvinn and N8 Eldvin are without shoes. It will be an advantage to go uphill. But their driver must be careful in the downhill

Race 8
N7 Boldena: this filly won the 2nd February 2015 easily. She  should continue its momentum and forget his last disqualification in a group 1. there will still be wary of N8 Bixenta du gers (without shoes for the first) who will try to take her revenge.
Prognostics: N7, N8, N9, N5

Race 9
N6 Bijou de firfol: the only race without shoes was a great impression!! He will be again in this configuration and should win in this equivalent category.
Prognostics: N6, N7, N11, N13

Horse of the day: Race 4 N8 Albanien
Placed horse: Race 2 N14 Chelsea boko
Outsider of the day: Race 9 N11 Beach Boy

Tips av Jean-Baptiste Lechat