Tips Vincennes


Race 1
N14 Alsonn de guez: His last race was the first time without 4 shoes. He run very well, finishing 3rd in good style (the winner  was the very good horse Call me Keeper…). In this race with lot of possibilies, he seems one of the most serious for the arrival.
Tips: N14, N16, N13, N6

Race 2
N16 Ciperla mag: This good filly has won easily the first Groupe 2 of the generation for female. Even if she\’s good with the sulky, her trainer thinks it\’s easier for her in \”monté\” race…
Tips: N16, N15 N4 N9

Race 3
N2 Traveling man: This is a good race for this horse,  cause maybe the only one who can take and keep the lead. He will finish on the podium. The most redoubtable horse is N7 Ultimate du rib. This one will be without shoes for the first time…
Tips: N2 N7 N6 N14

Race 4
N13 Briac dark: 2nd in a Group 2 for his last race, he was without shoes for the 1st time.  He should again fight for victory even being shod, cause he \’s already finished ahead some of competitors of the day in this configuration.
Tips: N13 N11 N7 N10

Race 5
N8 Cesar Express: This son of Quinoa du Gers has good performances with the sulky. His last race was correct in a good group. It will be really interesting to see him in \”monté\”.
Tips: N8, N13, N10, N6

Race 6
N8 Argentina Dream: Last 5 races, 5 wins. The couple Bazire/Bourlier is redoubtable. Without shoes for the 2nd time of her carrier. She must win.
Tips: N8, N2 , N11, N10

Race 7
N7 Années folles: This female was complicated when she was young. Now she seems safer. All her recent races are good, she could win her first race. (29 races!)
Tips: N7, N8, N10 ,N9

Race 8
N16 Tennis d\’anjou: 2 races without shoes, one victory and one 2nd place. Certainly the best horse in this race, she will win if her driver doesn\’t sleep as during her last race without shoes (16 dec. 2014)
Tips: N16, N14, N12, N10

Horse of the day: N608 Argentina dream
Placed horse of the day: N816 Tennis d\’anjou
Outsider of the day: N13 Already wic

Tips av Jean-Baptiste Lecha